Marty Velozzi From LMV Industries Visited Portland this weekend for an advanced automotive training seminar at the request of MBI MotorsĀ  owner, Corbin Lancaster. Marty & Corbin are longtime friends, so when Corbin asked Marty to come to the Northwest and brave the less sunny weather it had to be important. I want to send the whole crew to training this year, Corbin told Marty. The class size is kept small (23 max.) to allow plenty of time for technicians to absorb the complex electrical and vehicle diagnostic systems information available. MBI Motors together with other local northwest received some great training from one of the best electrical troubleshooters in the nation. As an added bonus Marty held a couple additional classes on amp draws, DAS, and Lin Bus fault tracing at MBI on Friday. Thanks Marty, for all you do.