"I *love* this shop. They're my new mechanic. I drive a 13 year old say-deez...and the alternator went out on a Saturday evening. I don't get exactly why there aren't ANY mechanical shops open on a Sunday, they'd make a killing...but that's another gripe for another day. I took it to this shop Monday morning, and within an hour and a half they confirmed what I thought it was....3 hours later I had my car back. And he's running beautifully. (Yes. I said he. It's a bit cliche to call it a she...so I went against the grain. Clean, fast, courteous and professional...this was the best experience I've had with my limited time with cars. And the prices are fair. When I got my bill, it worked out to in between 50-60$ an hour for labor. You cannot touch that in this town! Usually, it's more like 70-75$...even more at a dealership!"
Kristen B. Portland, OR
"I love these guys! Had car in for service A. They washed my car and that always impresses me! I highly recommend them!"
Scott J. Portland, OR
"it was my first time servicing my benz at MBI. SO HAPPY to have come here!! Art, the service manager now at MBI, used to be the service manager at the mercedes dealership downtown. He knows my car better than anyone. Having him join the MBI team, how could I go back to the dealership for service? MBI was FANTASTIC... I honestly cant say enough great things... knowledge, customer service, quality of service.. A+ for all of the above. PLUS: when your car's returned she's like new (wash and interior cleaning)... causing you to fall in love all over again!"
H.P. Lake Oswego, OR